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State/Province : Latitude: 40.756054, Longitude: -73.986951


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENEDICT, Laura P  Jan 1848NY, USA I5161
2 BLUNT, Sophronia  1811NY, USA I3235
3 CLARK, Amy Ann  20 Oct 1817NY, USA I6140
4 CLARK, Angelina  1832NY, USA I6672
5 CLARK, Catherine  7 Feb 1814NY, USA I6137
6 CLARK, Eveline  15 Sep 1821NY, USA I6147
7 CLARK, Isaac  14 Feb 1821NY, USA I6144
8 CLARK, John  7 Jan 1816NY, USA I6139
9 CLARK, Josiah  1 Mar 1807NY, USA I6661
10 CLARK, Margaret  6 Apr 1812NY, USA I6135
11 CLARK, Mary Magdalene  1 Sep 1810NY, USA I6134
12 CLARK, Matilda  10 Jun 1819NY, USA I6142
13 CLARK, Matthew  9 May 1809NY, USA I6133
14 CLARK, William  20 Nov 1822NY, USA I6145
15 CLARK, William  15 Sep 1823NY, USA I6146
16 CLARK, William Page  11 Sep 1782NY, USA I5602
17 COATES, Eileen Mary   I4312
18 DAVIS, James W  Nov 1824NY, USA I6184
19 DAVIS, Martha Maria  22 May 1848NY, USA I6185
20 GIBBS, SR, Harlow  1825NY, USA I525
21 GIBBS, SR, William J  Abt 1792NY, USA I519
22 HAMILTON, Catherine  ca 1805NY, USA I6131
23 HANSON, Frank  1851NY, USA I3278
24 HUBBARD, Charles W  Jan 1837NY, USA I6180
25 HUBBARD, Cynthia  Abt 1830NY, USA I6178
26 HUBBARD, Elijah  Abt 1835NY, USA I6179
27 HUBBARD, James JR  Abt 1847NY, USA I6183
28 HUBBARD, Peter  1829NY, USA I6177
29 HUBBARD, Sarah   I6181
30 HUBBARD, William  Mar 1862NY, USA I5605
31 HUNTSINGER, Delana M  1843NY, USA I3209
32 HUNTSINGER, Hannah  Abt 1807NY, USA I3219
33 HUNTSINGER, II, Peter Philander  1814NY, USA I3206
34 ROBERTS, John H  1821NY, USA I4614
35 SENSABAUGH, Sophronia  1818NY, USA I3207
36 ST JOHN, George W  Abt 1866NY, USA I5936
37 ST JOHN, Mollie  Abt 1874NY, USA I5938
38 TILLOTSON, Polly Corintha  Abt 1860NY, USA I4658
39 TRUAX, Catherine  25 Mar 1790NY, USA I5603
40 UNKNOWN, Hannah  1824NY, USA I4615
41 WALLACE, Hannah  Jan 1792NY, USA I5137
42 WILSON, Samuel Arthur  May 1823NY, USA I3256
43 WOLFE, Henry D  Abt 1859NY, USA I5638


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLARK, Mary Magdalene  25 Feb 1812NY, USA I6134
2 CLARK, Matthew  25 Jan 1836NY, USA I6133
3 CLARK, Polly Cynthia  11 Aug 1890NY, USA I6664
4 CLARK, William  21 Aug 1824NY, USA I6145
5 SMEDLEY, Caroline  11 Nov 1845NY, USA I6655
6 UNKNOWN, Debora  Abt 1779NY, USA I3605


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GIBBS, SR / LEWIS  20 Oct 1815NY, USA F202
2 SPOOR / HUNTSINGER  01 Nov 1848NY, USA F1198
3 WILSON / HUNTSINGER  04 Jul 1849NY, USA F1193