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151 Half sister to Caroline Quiner Ingalls. Aunt to Laura Ingalls Wilder, "Little House on the Prairie". HOLBROOK, Charlotte Elizabeth (I1420)
152 He was a bachelor. BROOKS, Henry James (I4729)
153 Headstone at Armstrong Grove Cemetery spells surname as CANNON. CANON, Frederick E (I5488)
154 Headstone at Fort Snelling shows year of birth as 1889. Her funeral brochure shows 1888. MITCHELL, Pearl Margaret (I44)
155 Headstone says birth year 1900; has also been reported as 1901. SCHMIDT, Muriel Viola Esther (I5400)
156 Headstone says DOB May 9, 1889; transcription says June; death date unclear. Either Dec 25th or 28th?  MOORE, William H (I5049)
157 Headstone shows birth year as 1863. BURT, Peter (I5889)
158 Headstone shows name as John Wesley Goodge, as does US Census for 1900, 1905 and WW I draft registration. Appears in some sources as Wesley Goodge and Wesley John Goodge. GOODGE, John Wesley (I455)
159 Headstone suggests year of birth as 1824. HUBBARD, William (I3612)
160 Helen A Weller (Canon) stated father's place of birth as Vermont in 1910 US Census. WELLER, Chauncey Richard (I4783)
161 Helen A Weller (Canon) stated her mother's place of birth as Canada in the 1910 US Census. PLUM, Melissa Isabelle (I4959)
162 Her birth certificate in Emmet County, IA says her father (Charles) was born in MO. PERRY, Fern Irene (I3659)
163 Her maiden name is uncertain. Seloy, Johanna (I3691)
164 Her Memorial Brochure suggests she was born in Ames, IA. We believe she was born at Armstrong, Emmet, IA, USA. GIBBS, Susan (I59)
165 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BURT, Ella Elsie (I748)
166 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. JENSEN, Phyllis Diane (I819)
167 Her original name may have been Floniedes. BROOKS, Florinda (I5481)
168 His biography on this site says he was born near Christiana, Norway. IVERSON, Iver (I5250)
169 His birth record in Emmet County lists his name as "Glennie". His name on Memorial brochure is Raymond G. MITCHELL. MITCHELL, Raymond Glen (I14)
170 His death record shows date of birth as 26 Aug 1867. His grave marker gives his year of birth as 1868. BROOKS, Thomas Elmer (I4730)
171 His funeral service memorial brochure and the death record at the Emmet County Courthouse show his date of death as 04 Sep 1950. His obituary and his grave marker show his death date as 05 Sep 1950. His daughter, Mable Moore Huntsinger, recalls that he died on a Monday. That would make his death date as 04 Sept. MOORE, William Archer (I417)
172 His grave marker at Armstrong Grove Cemetery spells his last name as: Mitchel. MITCHELL, James John (I1)
173 His headstone shows year of birth as 1897. His military marker at gravesite shows year of birth as 1898. BURT, Joseph James (I730)
174 His headstone, Social Security Death Index, WWI Draft Registration all show first name as Winneferd. His memorial brochure shows Winifred. Appears other places as Wineferd, Winfred and Winnefred. GOODGE, Winneferd Wesley (I451)
175 His obituary incorrectly spells his name as Adrian. CLARK, Adrien (I1477)
176 His surname actually appeared as HUNSINGER. HUNTSINGER, SR, Johannes (I4596)
177 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ROWLET, Jennifer Marie (I1088)
178 Joan Huntsinger Olson suggests grave marker is wrong, that Phebe actually was born in 1803. Family Bible held by Julie and Merritt Knox shows date of birth as 20 Nov 1803, rather than 24 Nov.  THOMPSON, Phebe Ester (I3223)
179 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. McKEAN, Josiah Micah (I918)
180 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1687
181 LDS Records show 25, 26 and 27 of May for marriage. Not sure which is correct. Family F176
182 Louisa Fredericka may also appear. Headstone says Freda L. SCHMIDT, Fredericka Louisa (I5392)
183 Maiden name may also appear as Sencabaugh, Sensibaugh, etc. SENSABAUGH, Sophronia (I3207)
184 Marriage certificate lists her name as Helen; legal name may have been Helen Frances Huntsinger.-McCallum. HUNTSINGER, Frances (I3232)
185 Marriage date from 1900 US Census. Family F1740
186 Marriage ended in divorce. Family F578
187 Marriage license was issued 14 Oct 1879 but marriage was 15 Oct 1879. Family F1182
188 Married at home of William Mason per research by John D McCallum. Family F1212
189 May also appear as Anna and Ann Elizabeth. MITCHELL, Anna Elizabeth (I8)
190 May also appear as Army and Arnie HUNTSINGER, Armie Oscar (I3349)
191 May also appear as Berthe IVERSON, Bertha (I5292)
192 May also appear as Janet. RICHMOND, Jeanette (I4499)
193 May also appear as Marthe CHRISTENSDATTER, Martha (I5289)
194 May also appear as Marthe GRINGER, Martha Johnsdatter (I5254)
195 May also appear as Matilda per Kay Boldra GULDBERG, Tilda E (I5276)
196 May also appear as Sigsby. SIGSBEE, Caroline A (I1373)
197 May also appear as William Robert Moore MOORE, William H (I5049)
198 May also be listed as Ale1a VEDDER, Aleda (I5020)
199 May also be listed as Glades VEDDER, Gladys (I5019)
200 May also be Phebe Esther THOMPSON. THOMPSON, Phebe Ester (I3223)

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