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Our site is the product of years of research by many family members and their generous contribution of pictures, documents and histories. We invite you to visit here regularly and to check the "What's New" section and "Albums" for additions, updates and corrections.

We originally focused our efforts on the Mitchells and Moores who settled in the Armstrong area of Emmet County, Iowa. We have since expanded to include extended families of:

James John MITCHELL, b. 22 Aug 1822, Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, d. 26 Feb 1901, Armstrong, Emmet, IA, USA and Susan Ogilvie McFARLANE, b. 22 Apr 1830, Forfarshire (Angus), Scotland, d. 13 Sep 1898, Armstrong, Emmet, IA, USA.

John James MOORE, b. 16 Mar 1826, St Lawrence County, NY (which was in Canada before Treaty of Ghent in 1814), USA, d. 27 Feb 1883, Jefferson, WI, USA and Luretta Rachel HILL, b. 17 Nov 1831, Marietta, Washington, OH, USA, d. 20 Aug 1904, Burt, Kossuth, IA, USA.

James Buchannon HUNTSINGER, b. 04 Mar 1857, WI, USA, d. 11 Mar 1919, Clear Lake, Polk, WI, USA and Catherine "Kate" HUBBARD, b. 24 Feb 1859, Westford, Otsego, NY, d. 25 Sep 1917, Estherville, Emmet, IA, USA.

If you find errors, or if you have information to share, please contact me through "Contact Us" on this web site or email me directly at: br_huntsinger@yahoo.com.. We welcome copies of your historic pictures and your historic and current documents, including obituaries, funeral brochures, biographies, family histories, newspaper articles of significant family events, etc. Please submit pictures in .jpg or .png format and documents in PDF.

If you have pictures and documents that you are willing to share and you don't have the knowledge, equipment or facilities to copy them, please contact me and I'll see what I can do to help. I hope you enjoy your visit to this site. Don't hesitate to contact me with your questions and comments.

-- Barry R. Huntsinger

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